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Super Cute Grooming provides high-quality styling services for the beauty and wellness of your dog. We use only the highest quality and most eco-friendly products for all your dog’s grooming needs. Our Grooming Services include:
    • We offer all grooming services including:
    • Bathing (choice of generic products or products free from chemicals)
    • Grooming (cutting of hair)
    • Nail Trimming & Maintenance
    • Shedding Treatments
    • Specified Grooming (including breed cuts)
    • Flea Baths
    • Tick Removal
    • Aiding in the Treatment of Minor Skin Conditions (**will require additional documentation from veterinarian**) including application of veterinary approved topical treatments
    • Specialized handling for puppies, rescues, nervous dogs, elderly dogs and dogs being medically treated (**Will require additional documentation from veterinarian**)

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Luxury Bath and Brush

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* Prices may vary depending on the coat condition, fleas and dogs behavior toward the grooming


We love our jobs and we love our pets! Our aim is to be the friendliest groomers on the planet. We want our furry friends to return with excitement to see their FRIENDLY GROOMER at Super Cute Grooming  .

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