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We Are Donating A Portion Of The Proceeds to A Charity We Truly Believe in, The ASPCA

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* Prices may vary depending on the coat condition, fleas and dogs behavior toward the grooming

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Pamper Your Pet

We are a family owned Business dedicated to your happiness and your dog’s comfort. Our priority is he comfort and humane care of your dog. We want to work with our clients to establish a grooming routine  that works for both human and canine companion.

Muddy? Tangled? Shaggy?


Is your fur baby in need of attention? They’re smelly, dingy and just as reluctant to jump into a bath as you are to wash them yourself. Super Cute Drooming can take care of your dog’s hygienic needs. We can give them a trim, rid them of odors and make sure their squeaky clean.

We Make Your Best Friend Ready For Any Occasion !

It doesn’t matter if your furry friend is big and strong or small and bold, our grooming services are for every dog. Our friendly and personal staff are great at making connections with your pets so they feel happy, welcome, and calm when they’re with us!

Every Animal That Comes In Joins Our Family.

We love what we do. Taking care of animals and making sure they are treated humanely is our top priority. We love making sure your pet looks great. This is not work for us, we enjoy what we do.  Come see some of our babies after they have been groomed in our gallery .




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Brush! For health and happiness

Brush! For health and happiness

So one thing we see a lot in the shop is matting. Matting of the undercoat, matting of the topcoat, matting with cockleburs in it, matting with bugs in it, there’s never any telling…But the thing is that brushing your dog is more than just to keep her pretty! It’s...

Dangers of Rawhide Toys

Dangers of Rawhide Toys

We all know about rawhide bones, chews and treats because we’ve seen them on the pet store shelves since the 1950‘s, however, what we may not know is that rawhide products can pose many dangers for your dog. It’s called rawhide because the hide has been left “raw” as...

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